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Altered Rhythm Experience presents its first EP by the Mexican genius Leonor with her dear friend Feller. They have produced devastating work for the dance floor in which they explore paths with ethnic rhythms and Latin influence.

Nativo and mOUA are two tracks in which these great artists develop a slow rhythm with low combustion and solid bass in which they architect layers of ethnic sounds and dark synthesizers, making these originals truly special compositions with unique sound.

In charge of the mixes, we have the Japanese artist Akio Nagase, who provides freshness and electronic overtones with an acid flavor to the Nativo track. From Mexico, Ludviq presents us with his particular vision of mOUA (Ludviq’s Bizarre Mix), in which he creates a dark track, designed to take the dance floor on a trip through its infectious beats.

Finally from Rome we have the pleasure of having A-Tweed and his remix of Nativo in this complete Ep in which he presents a powerful track with Trance influences and a more techno sound focused directly on the rush hour of the night.

Altered Rhythm Experience is presented to the world with this powerful EP loaded with the best of current contemporary electronica.

Release date:  December 1st, 2023.


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