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It’s been both a prolific and fruitful year in the studio for Iranian producer MANTi. Following a string of critically acclaimed releases on the likes of Marginalia, Einmusika, Natura Viva, and New Tab Music  (amongst others), the in-demand, LA-based talent now looks to conclude 2023 in trademark abounding fashion, as she lands on LSF21+ with her incredible new two-track EP, Lose Yourself.

Due for worldwide release on Friday, December 8, MANTi’s Lose Yourself EP marks the Tehran-born artist’s eagerly anticipated debut outing on Santé and Re.You’s Berlin-based imprint, as she adds another impressive two-track opus to her ever-expanding discography.

First up, is the majestic title track Lose Yourself. Delving deep into her expansive sonic repertoire to deliver her latest mesmerizing dancefloor cut, MANTi layers intricate drum patterns with sweeping chords and ethereal synth refrains to launch the EP in style. A beautifully nuanced underground house cut, drawing on complex textures, warped basslines and a chugging groove that drives the opener across its eight-minute duration, this is MANTi at her very best.

Continuing in the same vein, the flip – Distant, Yet Connected – sees MANTi explore a dynamic counterpart to the dream-like title track, as crisp hi-hats, growling bass stabs, and delicate melodies unfold; casting a magical spell over proceedings. Stretching the record out in all directions with her expert manipulation of luscious pads and precise synth work, MANTi pulls out all the stops with this fitting finale, to close out an emphatic debut release on LSF21+.

Speaking about her LSF21+ debut, MANTi commented:
“‘Lose Yourself’ and ‘Distant, Yet Connected’ are deep, hypnotic, ethereal, and melodic, which is my fav kind of music. These tracks are a reflection of the emotions and experiences that inspired them. I am excited to join the LSF21+ team as I love the music they have been releasing and their overall music direction.”

Lose Yourself  EP Tracklist:

01. MANTi – Lose Yourself (Original Mix)
02. MANTi – Distant, Yet Connected (Original Mix)

Release date: December 8th, 2023.


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