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Rising bass producer IMANU new single ‘Aching (On A High)’ featuring Lia, is out on 15th September.

With an EP on the way in October, latest single ‘Aching (On A High)’ sets the tone with a hard-hitting rave weapon featuring previous collaborator, Montreal-based Lia on vocals. IMANU’s uptempo groove is complimented by Lia’s dulcet tones as the track’s synth soundscape intensifies, building into a euphoric climax.

Continuing to push the boundaries of the bass scene, the upcoming EP is set to show off IMANU’s stylistic range, crossing genres from the brutalist synth soundscape of ‘Dream Sequence’ to the emotionally charged melodic house of ‘Aching (On A High)’.

Release date: September 15th, 2023.


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