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Massimiliano Pagliara pays tribute to Manuel Göttsching in his first solo EP on his very own Funnuvojere Records, ‘All the VCOs You Can Eat’.

As a devoted fan of Göttsching’s groundbreaking work, Pagliara draws inspiration from his musical hero, crafting a mesmerizing EP that encapsulates the spirit and innovation of Göttsching’s influential sound. The release comprises three different interpretations of the same track, each imbued with exceptional artistry and technical knowledge.

The ceaselessly rolling piano chords in A1 Modulator Mix and B1 Traveler Dub are clear reminders of Göttsching’s E2E4 famous hypnotic refrain. The slight tonal variations, the stretched-out acid line, and the uplifting drums conspire to create a sense of transcendence and euphoria. The infectious drums have their own space in B2 The Lonely Drums. This mix has an irresistible groove that will make all dance floors bounce.

The artwork by Pagliara’s dear friend, NYC-based artist Ben Ross Davis (, captures the essence of Pagliara’s music through a vibrant and emotive visual language, reminiscent of the pioneers of abstract expressionism. The geometrical forms and patterns mirror the intricate melodies and pulsating beats of this future classic EP.

Release date: October 20th, 2023.


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