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Melgazzo, the driving force behind Kaligo Records, marks a significant milestone with the release of his single ‘Motion Desire.’ This track holds special significance as it is the label’s 100th release and celebrates its 5th anniversary. The track itself is a testament to Melgazzo’s artistry, offering a groovy Techno experience that intertwines seamlessly with a standout vocal performance.

At the heart of ‘Motion Desire’ is a remarkable vocal, courtesy of FHUR, who recorded her own lyrics exclusively for the track. This collaboration adds a unique layer of depth and emotion, elevating the groovy Techno foundation into a truly captivating auditory journey. As Kaligo Records reaches this impressive milestone, ‘Motion Desire’ not only embodies Melgazzo’s dedication to quality Techno music but also symbolizes a dynamic blend of creativity and celebration.

Release date: September 1st, 2023.


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