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NEBARI is a project created by Luis Garayalde, a member of Kyodai, Bassfort, Wagon Cookin, and many more. Golden Ratio encompasses a wide range of electronic sounds, with a futuristic approach inspired by late 80s Chicago productions. Sparkling rhythms from the TR 707, massive basslines, and classic analog textures come together to create a unique musical experience. Marvelous atmospheres instantly transport you to a nocturnal scene that transcends time and space. With the concept of the golden ratio and its geometric forms, NEBARI invites you on an infinite journey through the universe.

The productions of NEBARI also explore the fascinating mathematical concept of the golden ratio, also known as the divine proportion or the golden proportion. The golden ratio, represented by the Greek letter phi (Φ), is a mathematical constant found in nature, art, and architecture. It is considered aesthetically pleasing and harmonious, as it is found in many geometric shapes and perfect structures.

In the context of NEBARI, the golden ratio becomes a source of inspiration to create atmospheres and soundscapes that transport you to an infinite state. Geometric forms based on the golden ratio intertwine with rhythms and musical textures, creating an immersive and evocative auditory experience.

By immersing yourself in NEBARI’s productions, you will find yourself immersed in a sonic universe where the golden ratio plays a key role in creating expansive and exciting soundscapes. It is a musical journey that invites you to explore mathematical beauty and the connection between art and science.

Release date:   December 14th, 2023.


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