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Following an exciting run of Revelations, EGR is proud to present NuFects’s new original single, Somebody To Love, featuring two dazzling remixes, courtesy of Partenaire, and Freedo Mosho & Kaspar Tasane.

Burning in a smoldering depth, NuFects’ Somebody To Love bids its time, unveiling its secrets with each new twist and turn of the beat. A gorgeous exercise in restrain, the Colombian duo’s latest cut is a most sensual affair that is sure to charm dancefloors in their early hours.

Taking things to the next level is the returning link-up by Freedo Mosho & Kaspar Tasane, who reimagine Somebody To Love under a sharper light. With a breakdown to die for, the pair put their own spin on the lush original with a dash of unadulterated liquid magic.

Dropping the curtain on the EP is Partenaire’s dense take on Somebody To Love. Heady and narcotic in equal measure, the Argentine’s reinterpretation swirls like spinning plates as melodic dashes flourish over trippy architecture for an entrancing finale.

Release date: June 14th, 2024.


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