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Omer Bar & Gal Kinnel team up to release the ‘Shade Of Me EP‘ on BAU_HAUS. Having collaborated last year with ‘Voyage’, and having previously released on labels like Frau Blau, The Gardens of Babylon, Striped Down and Selador it’s clear that their studio chemistry is a recipe that both works and endures.

This latest EP finds Omer (who’s fast becoming a Renaissance favourite) and Gal in imperious techno form as they ramp-up their studio amps to 11 with 3 cuts that all demand a peak-time spotlight. Whilst the trademark vibe of fun and funk remains, with stalwarts such as cowbell; timbales; bonkers chants and baselines so filthy they’re incapabable of scrubbing themselves clean, all present and correct, there’s an undeniable injection of energy running throughout. Powerful, attention-grabbing stuff, ignore it at your peril!
If you play the track out please send all footage (preferably in portrait) to We’d love to consider it for social sharing on our IG with the usual.

Release date: February 16th, 2024.


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