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Introducing Toka Musik, an innovative and forward-thinking music label that aims to defy the conventional bounds of electronic music, as it proudly presents its debut EP release, “Cannibal Models” by the talented Pierre Locher. This EP marks the beginning of a promising journey for the Toka Musik brand.

“Cannibal Models” takes listeners on a transformative sonic expedition, exemplifying TOKA MUSIK’s commitment to curating cutting-edge electronic and experimental music. This two-track EP demonstrates Pierre Locher’s exceptional versatility and creativity, setting the stage for an exciting time for the label.

With an experimental approach to his sound design and composition, Pierre Locher captivates audiences through his storytelling using his unique sonic palette which seamlessly blends Indie House, Techno, and Industrial House into one unique experience.

Release date: September 4th, 2023.


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