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Clocking in on Stil vor Talent with their much anticipated next delivery, ‘Aurora’, beloved German duo pølaroit graces us with two new cuts running the gamut from washed-out nostalgia to straight emotional mountaineering with the absolute class through and through. Equipped with their trustworthy bunch of hardware companions, including the infamous Prophet 6 that was the starting point to ‘Always Craving’, Jonas and Marius have us climbing steep passes and exhilarating melodic apexes effortlessly. Full of that “deep, mystical energy” that sums up their sound to a tee, both joints are the perfect liaison between soul-fulfilling introspectiveness and that untamed pulsion to seek upper layers and hard-to-reach layers of analogue-built sophistication.

Revolving around the haunting melody they cut and trimmed out the Prophet 6‘s wide array of harmonic possibilities and Margarida’s enveloping vocals, ‘Always Craving’ is an inch-perfectly designed slice of spacious, pop-informed electronica tailored for cinematic use. A brittle drum programming rubs shoulders with textured keyboard flights all tied to a downtempo groove that evokes uncharted vastness and bittersweet sentiments, highlighting that underlying “emotion of defeat – of realizing that you love your partner more than he loves you, but you still don’t want to leave” which was the inspiration for the track. Written in the context of worldwide lockdowns, ‘Aurora’ is pølaroit’s answer to the question “What if the dance floors were open now?”. Focussed on the energy of the club, this number is prime pølaroit material on a slightly more high-voltage tip. Combining their trademark lush and crystalline touch with that of heavy-duty bass power, Jonas and Marius dish out a proper burner all set at melting faces and snatching souls, no matter if you’re kicking it at a beachside after or looking to crank that velvet-like deep house vibe one or two notches up.

Release date: October 13th, 2023.


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