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Today (26th September) Race Banyon releases Hold Me, the second single from his forthcoming self-titled LP. Following on from Mirror released on the 8th of September, the artist continues to develop his sound and musical palette by delving into a new world of music creation. Race Banyon is set for release on the 27th of October and is an excursion into house-leaning, techno-inspired territories, feel-good but with enough bite to remind us of the place this is built for: the dance floor.

“This album is me trying to create a space for free expression. I wanted to make something that was pure, emotive and straight to the point. Nothing overcooked, just ideas straight onto record. I wanted to leave space in these tracks for people to find something for themselves in. I’d been working on bits and pieces for a year and it just made sense to put them all into one project.

Some of these tracks might not necessarily work as singles. On some I am challenging myself to go bigger and on some I am trying to stay as minimal as possible. I let the tracks guide themselves. Dance music to me is most exciting when it is emotive and melodic. I want to feel something when I go to a club or put on a mix”. Race Banyon

Race Banyon aka Eddie Johnston, is a New Zealand-based producer and musician known for his work in electronic and experimental music. He gained recognition in the music scene for his unique blend of electronic, R&B, and experimental sounds. With a dedicated following in the electronic sphere, his debut Race Banyon album sees Eddie showcasing a different side to his creativity. As well as channeling his creative output through Race Banyon material, Eddie can also be found under the alias of Lontalius, the singer and multi-instrumentalist.

Release date: October 27th, 2023.


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