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Rhom Omit’s debut EP is about to make waves on Serialism Records. Returning to our family after his debut on our last VA compilation is not just as an artist but as a full-time collaborator: Rhom Omit. Hailing from Dortmund, he takes centre stage with his electrifying ‘For Us’ EP after a successful release on Eduardo De La Calle’s renowned label Analog Solutions.

Years of playing records across Europe and Asia, including prestigious residencies in China, have shaped Rhom Omit’s signature sound. A touch of organic soul, blended with elegance, robust grooves, and trippy micro-melodies, defines his unique style.

‘For Us’ is not just an EP; it’s an auditory journey featuring three abstract yet funky originals, accompanied by remixes from Peruvian legends Deaf Pillow and our very own Red Pig Flower, offering a glimpse into her upcoming EP. This release is more than a drop; it’s a gem in our collection, showcasing the diverse talent we’ve championed for over 17 years and counting.

Release date: March 29th, 2024.


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