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“Floating River” is the fourth track of the debut album “Nervous Bliss” by electronic live act She Knows, released on May 17, 2024 by the legendary Berlin label BAR 25 Music. In a total of eight danceable, melodic songs – three of them in Spanish and five in English – singer Teresa Tomás explores the different facets of a feeling we all know and seek with her unmistakably smoky voice, which sounds like a welcome, intimate, loving touch: the excited fluttering in the pit of the stomach when our nervous system is flooded with feelings of happiness. For example, when a mind-expanding trip or intoxication sets in, or in a moment of absolute vulnerability whose raw nakedness carries an unexpected thrill. A high, an electrifying moment in the face of absolute beauty, or in tune with the perfect frequency, but there is also a hint of nervousness in the air. “Nervous Bliss” fans out a symphony of feelings song after song: Love, joy, gratitude, awe, clarity, purpose and transcendence – uniting them into a fulfilling experience of bliss. She Knows was supported by the “Initiative Musik gemeinnützige Projektgesellschaft mbH” with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

The video “Floating River” by Fabiana Gallegos is the third collage, forming a triptych together with “Sektor Evolution” and “Hechizo”. The video was initially called “Violet and Triangles” and features the hand of Japanese artist Susushi Hanai. Violet represents the idea of transformation and transmutation. The image of the hand of this elderly woman as the focal point of the video emphasizes the idea of change and evolution. Her hand moves at an incredibly slow speed but with very fluid motion.

“We were interested in the counterpoint of understanding that this song with this image would exist in a different environment of another generation, breaking the notion that electronic music is for a specific age group. We also wanted to show how movements from different bodies can be so beautiful. Her movement ends up being a very simple and lovely gesture”

Each video overlays elements from other works. This method acts as a gesture of resistance and can be interpreted as feminist, acknowledging that most preserved artworks have historically been created by men. This gesture not only conserves heritage but also revisits and reclaims the works, asserting, “Now the work is mine too, it’s ours, and we can use it and view it anew”

The act of recombining and discovering new ways of seeing by using new sounds is central to this approach and artwork of the Tryptic of Nervous Bliss, making the images transcend what we see with the naked eye.

Artworks on this video:
– ”Lichtspiel Opus” (1921) Walter Ruttmann
-”Tarantella” (1940) Mary Ellen Bute
-”Rhythm in Light” (1934) Mary Ellen Bute: 16mm
– Hand – Suzushi Hanay

She Knows embraces a collaborative and spontaneous approach to music production, often blurring the lines between electronic subgenres. From ambient interludes to also a little bit twisted and wacky synth lines, their studio sessions are a testament to the symbiotic creative relationship between Teresa and Marcel.

The duo is formed by Spanish singer and composer Teresa Tomás together and the Brazilian producer Marcel Dadalto, known for having been a member of the Brazilian bands Dead Fish and Zémaria are active since 2014. Since then, She Knows has released music through labels such as Laut & Luise, AZZUR, and Sirin Music. However, most of their creations have been released through Bar 25 Music with notable works including the EPs “Distorted Images,” “Natural Medicina,” and “Extraordinary,” along with hit singles like “Thalassa” and “Lost in Translation.”

She Knows have performed featuring live percussion, VJ sessions and dance interventions at clubs and venues, such as Kater Blau, Mensch Meier, Beate Uwe, Zeiss-Planetarium Jena, Säälchen Holzmarkt, Yaam and international Festivals like Fusion, Garbicz, Loftas, Sonoras IV.

Release date: May 17th, 2024.


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