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Hateland is a new track from the eponymous EP by electronic artist Stayhomie. The single features anxiety-laden, atmospheric electronics infused with existential reflections, vivid memories, and a longing for the unattained. Hateland is a melodic and profound track in the future garage genre, appealing to fans of Burial, Moderat, Volor Flex, and Bvdub.

Stayhomie is the solo project of Max Kubbe, a producer from St. Petersburg, a member of several well-known Russian indie bands (Komplimenter, KIROV), and the creator of the music media “approve.”

The music of Stayhomie is meditative, restrained electronics in the spirit of Apparat, Lapalux, and Clams Casino. A distinctive feature of the project is its pronounced melodic component, leading to the deepest personal experiences of the author.

Release date: June 7th, 2024.


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