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Exploding into the back end of 2021 with a juggernaut of an EP titled ‘Disorders’, Techno DJ UNFORG1VEN has lit the touch paper on the underground scene with a double header that will dominate dance floors everywhere.

‘Manics Solitude’ is a thunderous call to Techno fans and display all the elements designed to blow up the speakers with the energy of a supernova. Complex, driven and multi-layered, they are a welcome addition to the legendary catalogue of work produced by the pioneers of his hometown and the Detroit Underground.

Disorder EP builds on his outstanding releases which have already propelled him to the next level as an artist to be admired. Releasing on Frameworkxx, Big Punch, LETS techno and SMR Underground, his debut EP Fragments of Metal reached #21 on the hard Techno charts and has been a lightning rod for his brand of brash and bold music.

Labels such as Dolma and Trench are lining up to free his tracks to the dancefloor and seminal artists such as Dutch producer STUGATS are collaborating to take his music even further.
Fully released on 21st Dec 2021, the anticipation around the EP is insurmountable for Techno Heads. UNFORG1VEN achieves another milestone in his brilliant career to date, there is no doubt that ‘Disorder’ will reverberate around the world and deliver experiences that will stay long in the memory.

Release date: December 21st, 2021.


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