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Keeping that underground flame alive, EGR is back with the 16th installment of the Ricky Ryan-curated Revelations series, featuring new cuts by Memo Insua, JUNIOR (SL) & FM, and Agustin Pengov.

First up is Memo Insua’s Padel, where airy chords reel us inside a dusky beat. Working his restrained magic, Memo carelessly traverses through an ocean of melodic shards and rousing effects with his engaging arrangements as we awaken into a gorgeous daydream.

Taking a tougher road, JUNIOR (SL) & FM link up for the smoldering Fading Away. Treading over a chunky groove and dubbed/out FXs, the pair showcase their finesse behind the consoles as they channel some old-school flair.

Growing in intensity, the last Revelation is Agustin Pengov’s liquid gem, Luggi. With rolling low-end, irresistible synthetic stabs, and trippy vocal effects, Agustin’s creation twists and turns with showstopping allure at every beat.

Release date: May 14th, 2024.


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