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EGR is back on the scene with a new slab of Revelations. To kickstart the new year, the brand channels echoes from a future past with three new aural pearls by Moss, Freedo Mosho & DP-6, and Partenaire.

First up, Moss’ Autumn Tale sees the Argentine artist returning to EGR with a most sensual outing as he condenses the season’s air of transition with dubbed-out chords and arresting sonic embers that elegantly fall over an irresistible low end bound to get hips going.

Next, it’s EGR headmaster Freedo Mosho, who links up with Russian production duo DP-6 for Hidden Manna. Slowly burning that midnight oil, the trio intricately weaves a rich sonic tapestry, drenched in arousing effects for a blissed-out old-school firestarter that tantalizes the senses in an unforgettable cut.

Wrapping up a new set of Revelations, EGR presents Partenaire’s blistering Physical Objects. Overriding a dense groove, the Argentine producer delivers a truly hypnotic outing where ethereal vocals effervescently rise over restless moving patterns in a triumph of matter over mind.

Release date:  February 16th, 2024.


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