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Rinse France resident, DJ, and producer Whitney Weiss (they/she) debuts new EP Too Hot on Justin Cudmore, Mike Servito, and The Carry Nation’s NY house imprint Major Records, arriving 27th October.

The latest name to join Justin Cudmore, Mike Servito, and The Carry Nation’s excellent NYC label Major Records, DJ/producer, Whitney Weiss, treats us to three of this year’s stand-out house tracks in one fell swoop. To say Too Hot does exactly what it says on the tin is an understatement. Kicking off with the sizzling title track ‘Too Hot’: groovy, thrusting, sultry, and delicious, it’s an immaculate slice of H.O.U.S.E with a timeless Sound Factory-esque quality.

Served up next and piping hot is ‘Saboteuse’, a sassy acid groover that will have sweaty bodies spellbound and frenzied on any dance floor it makes an appearance at. Closing out the trio is playful and pounding ‘Ass Boutique’, full of cheeky references to the classics for the ‘spotters’, delivered with fresh urgency and a delightful knowingness.

Whitney Weiss adds :

“I started working on these songs six years ago at a friend’s studio in Paris and would trot out versions of them when I DJed to see what was resonating and what wasn’t. They, like me, have greatly benefitted from time spent on dancefloors in Berlin, Paris, London, and New York.”

‘Too Hot’ – When I sent Major this demo their feedback was to make the song longer because “it is too good to end that quickly.” Coming from producers like Will, Nita, Mike, and Justin, this was a fabulous compliment.

‘Saboteuse’ – The sassy one, an acid incantation to banish an unworthy situation.

‘Ass Boutique’ – The name says it all, no? It’s playful and pairs well with a slight breeze at the open airs or painting your fingernails neon orange and doing donuts in a car with the windows open.”

Full of warmth, spice, and authenticity, Too Hot is a volcanic house business and honestly too hot to miss.

As a DJ Whitney Weiss is a master of their craft at the centre of some of the world’s cutting-edge queer parties for over a decade. From deeply underground beginnings playing 8+ hour stretches in Argentinean factories and defunct train depots and a residency at the legendary Dengue Dancing parties in Buenos Aires (where after five years a move to Berlin was a quieter pace of life), to residencies across Europe in the years since – including Club Sandwich, Wanderlust, Strangé in Paris and Dalston Superstore in London. They’ve played regularly to global audiences from Berlin to Milan to Reykjavík to New York, appearing on HÖR, The Lot Radio, NTS, Teki Latex’s French TV Show Overdrive Infinity, and many more. Whitney divides their time between Berlin and Paris, where they are celebrating their tenth year in Rinse France. Now with a new focus on production work, their 2022 single ‘The Best Way’ was met with rapturous response and their remix work includes Hercules & Love Affair’s Rouge Mary, Blew Velvet, and Protopapa.

Release date: October 27th, 2023.


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