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Seth Schwarz & Lydgen (aka ARTEMIDES) – Who We Are – NASAJA

ARTEMIDES, the collaborative project between renowned producer and electric violinist Seth Schwartz and Lydgen, his partner and trained violinist/singer, is back on NASAJA with ‘Who We Are’.

A most wondrous and rousing affair, the new single is a testament to the artist growth of the pair, and stands as a powerful calling card for their newly-founded imprint.

Biding its time, a hollow beat and cavernous ambiance create an alluring hue that runs down our spines before a dense, slithering low-end thrusts us deep inside ‘WhoWeAre’, and into the warm vocals of Lydgen. It’s a gorgeous contrast that dances in tandem while aqueous synthetic swells ebb and flow over light strings and melodic flourishes, generating a delightful haze for us to get lost in. In what can only be described as a sight to behold, ARTEMIDES conjure a sweeping torrent of air, as melodic embers collide for a spectacular breakdown, before crashing down with renewed energy. Powered by a sultry vocal chop and kaleidoscopic synths, Schwartz and Lydgen sign off in a loving embrace that will surely prove infectious across every dancefloor and headphone.

A celebration of an extraordinary union, ARTEMIDES’ ‘Who We Are’ is one of those songs that feels like more than just music. Whether in the club, on the road, on the streets, or at home, Seth Schwartz and Lydgen’s latest track tells a story, and one bound to inspire.

‘Seth Schwarz & Lydgen (aka ARTEMIDES) – Who We Are’ is out now via NASAJA. Purchase your copy here.

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