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Seth Schwarz & Teho – Nasaja feat. Lydgen – Labo T

After meeting during a gig in Amsterdam where they shared the stage, Seth Schwarz and Teho decided to join their forces on ‘Nasaja’. With the unique dreamy touch of Teho, and the otherworldly violin skills of Seth Schwarz, the title is the perfect reflection and combination of their styles, as they introduce singer Lydgen, who added her beautiful voice for a more intense, organic, and deeper emotional landslide.

‘Nasaja’ originates underwater, as the light reflects on iridescent coral barriers, and whales dance and sing along to the calls of the sirens led by Lydgen, effervescently rising to the surface, where it finds its own rhythm. Flowing effortlessly through the currents, the track rides on the back of a luscious groove built on warm percussive overtones and moving low end as it channels absolute clarity with Schwarz’s violin swells that tug at our heart-strings.

Nostalgic throughout, ‘Nasaja’ quickly blossoms into a natural wonder when its melody becomes a safe-haven for all who are seeking refuge from the deluge that has become modern life. Teho and Seth’s creation resonates beyond first glances, reminding us of a simpler time. One that might be buried deep beneath the turmoil, but one that still lives in all of us. The one we now call ‘hope’.

‘Seth Schwarz & Teho – Nasaja feat. Lydgen’ is out now via Labo T. Download and stream here.

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