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Horse Meat Disco’s Severino and Terry Farley talk about their latest release on SoSure Music

Hi Severino and Terry, thanks for taking the time to chat with Electronic Groove.

Electronic Groove: We’ve been listening to your new record for SoSure Music, incredible stuff! Could you tell us a bit about how this collaboration came together?

Terry Farley: I hooked up with Sevvy last year when we did a remix for a Vanessa Daou record and was fun hanging out and swapping musical ideas so we went along to do something of our own and he came up with the idea of getting Roy to come in and vocalize.

Severino: I was honored to meet Terry a few years ago through the Horse Meat Disco nights, where I’m one of the residents. I’m a mega fan of his music and of course Junior, we decided to go in studio together and do something. We asked Roy (a regular at HMD) to come and sing on a track.


EG: You both have a very rich history in the world of electronic music, presumably your paths have cross many times over the years in the industry, when did you first meet and where?

Terry Farley: I honestly can’t remember. I went to a few early Horse Meat Disco parties and the guys played for us at a couple of Faith parties about 10 years ago. Sevvy also played at a Boys Own party we did at East Bloc, and he was fabulous of course. I really love his style musically and we share the same heroes heritage wise.

EG: Terry this is your second time releasing with SoSure Music, following your previous collaboration with Stretch Silvester as Fall Out, how did working with the label come around?

Terry Farley: A mutual friend – Tedd Patterson from New York – suggested I send a copy of ‘Wade In’ over to the label last summer and it started from there.

EG: Severino, for those who may be still unaware could you tell us about your Horse Meat Disco outfit and what you’ve been up to of late. The crew has obviously had a huge impact on you and your career.

Severino: Yes – indeed. I was already DJing for lots of cool house/electro nights like Trailer Trash and Crash and then being asked by Jim and James to be the resident of HMD with Luke was cool. It’s obviously great to see such a big success and respect going on all over the world

EG:  What’s coming up for both of you for the rest of year?

Terry Farley: Loads of good stuff. Tedd Patterson has done some vocals for a Fire Island track (when Pete Heller gets a free weekend), have a couple of Ibiza gigs coming up, a Boys Own tent at the wonderful Farr Festival as well as a Boys Own Carnival party at Notting Hill in August.

Severino: Lots of international gigs like Love International Festival in Croatia and BK Festival in Bilbao, as well as Soul Heaven and Glitterbox in Ibiza. There are a lot of U.S. dates too including San Francisco, NYC, Chicago and Provincetown plus a new festival in NYC called Panorama and 51st State Festival in London in August.

EG:  The EP features a remix from Hard Ton who I can see Severino has remixed before, was this decision to bring him on board? The remix is perfectly aligned with the sound of the project.

Severino: We really like their sound and have known them for a while. We thought it was cool to have more Italians on board.

EG: Terry, you’ve managed to sustain a very fruitful career since the explosion of electronic music, it’s decline and then resurgence how do you feel your musical tastes as a producer and DJ have evolved over this time.

Terry Farley: The music I like (electronically – that’s house) never went away. In the late 90’s we had to try harder to get people out to our parties but that also meant we could afford to put on wonderful DJs in smaller clubs for reasonable prices . My personal tastes have been shaped by heritage in soul and disco. Basically i want my electronic music to have come from the African American tradition – joining the dots so to speak.

EG:  Lastly, what else is happening with you guys of late, anything that’s particularly bringing you joy of late? A place you’ve visited something you’ve watched or a particular record you’ve heard, a restaurant or anything else?

Terry Farley: Harvey at MOS in London recently was wonderful. A real coming together of London’s OG house crews, people in one room dancing for hours to a unique DJ and a wonderful system on a lovely wooden floor (you can’t dance on concrete). Harvey played stuff that was made 40 years ago and others made in 2016. That is what is needed today – DJs to open up their minds and playlists to get away from Beatport – breakdown tech house and what passes for ‘Deep House ‘ these days. I’ve also falling in love with the brunch at Foxlow in Chiswick with the fried chicken on waffles being a Sunday treat. Oh – and I saw an amazing play called ‘The Father ‘ at Richmond Theatre which was extremely moving .

Severino: Tel Aviv and LA are exciting places. Vico restaurant in Cambridge Heath (London) is a good italian one. l love to see lots of Peckham artists doing well too and keep doing my monthly radio show at Balami.

EG: Thanks for your time!


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