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SHADY presents new video for ‘Your Skin’

A first look into their latest single.

Maxim Helincks and Pieter De Meester, members of Belgian electronic outfit Stavroz, have unveiled ‘Your Skin’, their next release as SHADY. The EP contains their brand new single, and 3 remixes, courtesy of Dreems, and Beat & Path masterminds Uone and Out Of Sorts.

The presentation for ‘Your Skin’ is accompanied by its own music video, in which we can see both Helincks and De Meester having fun and going wild as backdrops change, thanks to some green screen magic and visual effects.

‘Our music is electronic with guitar, bass, and vocals. Think Soulwax, Nicolas Jaar, Connan Mockasin, Magnus, Mickael Jackson, and sure you will hear some Stavroz in there, but the most important ingredient is “not taking yourself seriously’”, say Maxim and Pieter about their SHADY project.

SHADY’s ‘Your Skin’ will be out on February 26th, via Beat & Path. Meanwhile, watch the video for the original single below.

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