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Shaun Reeves announces double vinyl LP, ‘The Eye That Sees Us All’

It’s been 20 years in the making.

Shaun Reeves, a founding member of Visionquest, is set to release his double vinyl LP, ‘The Eye That Sees Us All’. The new record will arrive on July 23rd via Visionquest, and comes one day after the producer’s 40th birthday, coinciding with his 20th year as a DJ.

According to its press release, ‘The Eye That Sees Us All’, is built around Reeves’ return to basics. ‘After years spent touring the world as part of the Visionquest collective, he ended up in a musical place he no longer enjoyed or recognized. Once the members decided to focus on their own thing for a while, he quietly, and happily, sunk back into his original community in Berlin, hidden from the hype,’ can be read.

Through it, we also learn that ‘while the 8-track album marks a new chapter that finds Reeves return to his roots, it also ends one as he leaves Berlin behind.’

Listen to Shaun Reeves’ ‘Lucy Sky Diamond’ from ‘The Eye That Sees Us All’ below, and pre-order your copy here.

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