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SHE LIES relases ‘Talking With You’ EP

All tracks were recorded in Stuttgart and Berlin.

After their debut EP ‘Needed You’ on Astro Lab Recordings, SHE LIES presented this June 3rd a new release titled ‘Talking With You’.

With this material, the Berlin-based disco and new wave band makes their debut on EX LOVE, a label run by the people from REWORK (Playhouse, Visionquest, Exlove).

The new release contains 4 new tracks that alternate between album, post-punk, new wave, and indie. As indicated in the press release, ‘deeply manic rhythms’ predominate with sounds ‘driven by synthesizers, tuned with catchy female vocals.

Pick up ‘Talking With You’ here and listen to it below.

1. Met You
2. Changing Our Life
3. Dare
4. Talking With You

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