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Shifting Tones presents Ron Trent

Chicago DJ and producer Ron Trent is considered one of the architects of the city’s House Music sound, responsible for ‘Altered States’, one of the most memorable tracks of the early 90’s, along with a slew of other original productions throughout his almost three decades-long career both behind the decks as well as at the producer’s seat.

Now, house legend Ron Trent brings his one-of-a-kind talents this August 23rd to ‘Shifting Tones’, a new series of events taking place in Miami that seek to create a musical experience based on emotions, intensities and variations of different rhythms, and which debuted last month with another Chicago House great, Roy Davis Jr.

Channeling the deep house sound through Chicago and Detroit House, ‘Shifting Tones’ is built around the concept of bringing forward the music and artists that helped shape the musical landscape of today in a setting that combines these timeless sounds with creative, artistic visuals and a liberating outdoor setting.

Joining Ron Trent will be Tone-Shifters, Atomyard, Fabrizio Zerlini, and Miranda, and the music is set to play into the wee hours of 9 am. An outdoor dancefloor, enhanced decor, plenty of ventilation and a pounding sound system will provide the ambiance for what is sure to be another memorable night of dance music.

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