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Shunus presents his debut album on Art Vibes Music

Featuring haunting vocals and hypnotic beats.

British DJ and producer Shunus just released his first LP entitled ‘Rainburn’, which is available via the French label Art Vibes Music.

On the 8-track project, the Cairo-based artist created a refined listening experience applying a precise and diverse sound using field recordings and a series of acoustic instruments. With his lyrics, he discusses ideas of tranquility and acceptance as a cure to the inner battles. Remaining metaphorical, they are often used as an ambiance rather than an upfront lead vocal as used in pop or rock’n ‘roll.

While most of the album remains dancefloor-friendly with a mellow and organic mood, the artist whose real name is Shaun Lawes developed this work writing all tracks with a particular focus on vocals and guitar to help enrich his live set.

Some of the tracks that stand out are ‘Sleepwalking’, ‘Primal’, ‘When You Were Young’, and ‘Never Felt’ among others.

On this occasion, the French label Art Vibes hosts Shunus’ first LP as part of its wide and eclectic sound they embrace on each of its releases.

Shunus’ ‘Rainburn’ is now available. Buy and stream here.


1. Sleepwalking
2. Tougher Times
3. Rainburn
4. Primal
5. Never Felt
6. When You Were Young
7. Endless
8. This Is The End

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