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Sidney Charles – Rawelution – Moon Harbour

Sidney Charles – Rawelution – Moon Harbour

Sidney Charles knows how to cook up a meaty tune, and that’s exactly what he does here. His Rawelution EP on the Moon Harbour label offers four big cuts, one of which features Hector Morales, and they all make a big impact, much like his previous releases on labels like Relief and Truesoul.

‘Good Times’ goes first and is seven lively minutes of old school house. The drums have a real garage swing to them and the hi-hats are icy, incendiary things. The bass is dark and the vocal from Hector really finishes it off in style. The title track ‘Rawelution’ is next and is a driving drum groove with wonky, freaky synths blurting out in all directions. It’s robust and designed for a big warehouse.

‘Gone’ is a colorful affair with shuffling drums and low slung basslines that really gets you moving. A diva vocal interjects to really finish it off in style. Closing the EP ‘On and On’ does so in brain frying fashion. Pixelated synths roaming about above a percussive groove builds lots of tension throughout. It’s a fresh track to really blow the crowd away.

Sidney Charles’s ‘Rawelution’ EP is already available. Grab your copy here.

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