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Simon Prod – Acid Field – Innatural Records

Simon Prod – Acid Field – Innatural Records

Simon Prod delivers some heavily deep and melodic techno with a four-track EP that includes two original productions, ‘Acid Field’ and ‘ALTAI’, along with two remixes of the title track by Joseph DL and Loris Frigau.

‘Acid Field’ is a dramatic tune that holds a deep bassline and an arpeggiated lead synth melody at its core with intermittent waves of chords and stabs so big they feel cinematic. ‘ALTAI’ follows similar musical patterns but is more driving and percussive. The track starts off deep and grows gradually by increasing its energy with hard-hitting snares and drum loops while still conserving the dramatic and mystic feel of the collection.

Joseph DL’s remix is a progressive take on ‘Acid Field’ that highlights the original’s lead arpeggiated melody by bringing it to the front and putting it more ‘in your face,’ while Loris Frigau’s remix darkens things up a bit by bringing in a harder hitting kick and heavily distorting the original’s synths and melodies.

The four tracks are well suited for big, dark room techno sets that intend to be mental and take the listener on journey.

Simon Prod’s ‘Acid Field’ EP is already available om Innatural Records. Grab your copy here.

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