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SIS takes on Mâhfoud’s ‘The Oracle’

Out now via WAYU Records.

Köln-based DJ & producer SIS has just shared his latest remix as he reimagines Mâhfoud’s ‘The Oracle’. The new drop is already available to stream and purchase through WAYU Records.

Mâhfoud’s ‘The Oracle’ is a slow-burning melodic affaire that unfurls without haste, delivering a compelling story that sets the tone for the rest of the EP. SIS reinterprets the track with a percussion-lead groove that re-purposes the track for the dancefloor. The package is rounded off by another take on ‘The Oracle’, courtesy of Depart, and Mâhfoud’s ‘Fortuna’.

Listen to SIS’ remix of Mâhfoud’s ‘The Oracle’ below, and grab your copy of the EP here.


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