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SITARA and Alex Drift collaborate on ‘Chase The Moment’

Out now through Electromantica label.

Photo Credit: Tina Dubrovsky

Following a series of successful remixes, SITARA and Alex Drift have collaborated to create ‘Chase The Moment’. This track combines SITARA’s poignant lyrics and captivating vocals with Alex Drift’s rhythmic prowess.

‘Chase The Moment’ encourages listeners to embrace the rhythm and participate in life’s impromptu dance. It’s a metaphor for living fully in the present, appreciating the current moment and its possibilities. Drawing inspiration from early 90s’ Goa/Techno parties, the song communicates a sense of unity and shared enjoyment of sound and rhythm.

Sitara discusses her inspiration from the repeating pattern of dance and life. Despite challenges in her art, the concept of a ring parabola provided comfort, symbolizing continual opportunities to realize dreams.

Listen to ‘Chase The Moment’ below.

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