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Slam share 5 studio production tips

On March 2020 the world was abruptly thrown into collective disarray. The pandemic stopped almost everything dead in its tracks. No social gatherings, self-isolation, a sense of panic and bewilderment prevailed. An industry that had become so dependent on human connection and unity, was suddenly switched off and put on pause for an unforeseeable future.

It was in this climate that the ‘Louder Than Chaos’ project was born, facilitated by Soma Records’ head honchos and techno protagonists Slam. A collaborative project with friends, colleagues, and contemporaries normally only seen at airports, or events, now brought together under a completely different set of circumstances, allowing for a purposeful connection in a time of disconnect. The focus of the project is built on a powerful mutual participation, remotely constructed over time and fully intended for holding court on peak time dance floors when they inevitably return. That time has now finally come.

To celebrate their new release ‘Louder Than Chaos Volume 2’, Slam shares 5 studio production tips.

1. Take time for reflection

When working on an idea don’t be afraid to step away from the track for a while. The mind sometimes plays tricks on us. Taking time away will give you a fresh perspective.

2. Don’t be afraid to u-turn if things don’t happen quickly!

Most of the best music we’ve made usually comes together quickly. Record a bunch of ideas using the same or similar elements then listen to the audio files and decide which idea works best for you.

3. Create space!

Be aware of what frequencies are supposed to be doing ‘what’ exactly. Try not to have too many bass frequencies for example. Use E.Qing to roll off unnecessary bass or mid or treble. This will give an overall cleaner sound in the final mix!

4. Have a reference!

Try to get into the habit of bouncing down your mix once in a while, and try comparing it with your favorite productions you think may have similar elements to the idea you’re working on. Reference is key to keep you on the right sonic track and to make sure all the key frequencies are in balance.

5. Grouping drums

Grouping the drum tracks work well for us most times. We then add the relevant effects, distortion, and compression to the group. Treat the bass end and the very top elements completely separately.

Stream and buy Slam’s ‘Louder Than Chaos Volume 2’ here.

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