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Drivetrain and Melodymann announces new EP via Soiree Records

To be out on September 25th, 2023.

Photo credit: Soiree Records International – Official

Soiree Records International has announced the upcoming release of the ‘Deep River’ EP produced by the duo Drivetrain and Melodymann.

With four tracks, ‘Deep River’ promises to captivate listeners with its blend of retro sophistication and modern flair. From the grooves of Drivetrain’s ‘Music Got Me’ to the beats of Melodymann’s ‘Keep It Winging,’ this musical package will take you on a captivating journey.

Leading the way, Drivetrain presents ‘Music Got Me,’ a fusion of melodious strings, a rolling bassline, and an arresting vocal hook. The Afterhours Mix adds an electronic touch to the retro syncopation, giving it a fresh and exciting twist.

Melodymann brings his signature style to the EP with ‘Keep It Movin,’ a track intelligently enriched with uplifting vocal drops, spicy horn fills, funk bass, and electrifying beat oscillation. Keeping the energy high, ‘Up & Down’ captivates with jazzy keyboard riffs and layered vocal slices over bouncing subfrequencies.

Pre-save ‘Deep River EP’ here.

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