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Sol Asylum celebrates 3 years of music

An event and new release will take place to honour the milestone.

The Berlin-based output started in 2014 by the American-born Dj and Producer Julie Marghilano, celebrates this month its third anniversary as well as its 11th release. A perfect occasion to review the label contribution to Berlin’s underground scene and its evolution.

Back in 2011, Julie Marghilano started this event series, Sol Asylum, that now resides at the infamous Club Der Visionaere and Hoppetosse in Berlin. ‘Sol’ meaning the sun or spirit. ‘Asylum’ being a shelter, a safe place for your mind and body to let go. Looking back at the list of artists that have played for them, it seems that Sol Asylum has hit the spot. Renowned names like Barac, Maayan Nijdam, Audio Werner, John Dimas, Livio & Roby, Anthea, Dana Ruh, Seuil, Molly, Oshana and Ferro have been part of this movement even before they were notable on the circuit.

With a solid blend of well-established artists and some of the most promising talents around, Julie Marghilano laid the groundwork for Sol Asylum’s strong artistic identity, and to become a full-fledge music label.

“I work together with my long time friend and amazing artist and resident Miss Jools. Of course we look first at their producing skills, the mood of the tracks, but also their selection behind the decks. It is a rare thing to be a talented DJ and a gifted producer, but those are the artists that we want on the label. The ones who not only want to play other peoples music but want to explore what they have inside of them”, Marghilano commented.

She added, “It was a natural progression. The idea was to work with people I knew, artists I admired, already established or not. Music I wanted to include in the form of a collective vinyl art project. Each release features unique music and artwork from a tight-knit family of talented DJs and producers, fusing music and visual art together”.

Three years since its first record by London-based duo OdD, the label has featured highly sought-after releases, including talents such as Anton Zap, Markus Sommer and Mariano Mateljan. Recently they announced its 11th release (Vinyl only), to be out on February 1st. Italian producer Pressure Point delivers four different journeys in perfect harmony with Sol Asylum‘s universe.

Sol Asylum’s musical concept is a melting pot ranging from experimental, deep house to forward thinking intelligent techno. However, our main focus is to keep an open-minded vision of quality underground music”, adds Marghilano.

A group of label’s friends like Pressure Point, Losoul, Tolga Fidan Live, Miss Jools and Julie Marghilano will be celebrating Sol Asylum’s three years and new release. The event will take place at Berlin’s Hoppetosse on February 17th. Grab your tickets here.

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