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Sola Presents VA Compilation ‘Lost Summer Sessions 2020’

Sola presents VA compilation ‘Lost Summer Sessions 2020’

The album includes songs by artists such as Paolo Martini, Hannah Wants, and Sosa, among others.

Sola, the independent record label founded by British duo Solardo, announced the release of their first VA compilation of the year. The material, titled ‘Lost Summer Sessions’, includes 15 songs and features some of the best artists on their list, both from the past and from their future selections.

‘We take every opportunity to support the smallest artists (…) in a compilation of tracks 100% focused on the club, to shed some light on our lost summer of 2020’, explains the duo Solardo about the compilation.

Paolo Martini, Sosa, Hannah Wants, Max Chapman, Miguel Bastida Anthony Atalla, Maur, Josh Samuel, Matt Jenks, Mata Jones, and the duo Late Replies, are among some of the artists found on the record. In this way, although the world’s clubs and festivals have stopped, ‘Sola Lost Sessions 2020’ seeks to recreate the bright days and long nights through its musical selection.

Listen to the compilation below and purchase your copy here.

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