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Sole Dosi: “Techno is meditation, culture, and a distinct movement of the mind and spirit”

Sole Dosi, a versatile artist prominent in the techno music scene, is recognized for her eclectic music selections ranging from Hardgroove to Electro.

Photo credit: Sole Dosi – Official

This Italian DJ and producer has made a significant international impression, enchanting audiences at clubs and festivals, and partnering with renowned labels such as BCCO, Craigie Knowes, and Gem Records.

As a resident at Tempio del Futuro Perduto and Rocket Club Milano and the co-founder of Dropzi Records, her influence is extensive. Her unique journey began with an early interest in punk rock at age 14, which later evolved into a passion for electronic music and engagement in Milan’s underground scene. Sole Dosi’s work transcends music, as she integrates fashion and music, curates music for brands like Armani, and coordinates Fashion Week events.

Her debut EP ‘My Friend Is On Air’ includes an original track and remixes, showcasing her proficiency in creating immersive soundscapes.

EG recently had an opportunity to speak with Sole Dosi about her most recent release, upcoming projects, and the experiences that have shaped her career.

EG: Hi Sole, welcome to EG! Where are you right now?

Sole Dosi: Hi guys! I am in my studio in Milan, surrounded by vinyls, paintings, and joss sticks.

EG: Congrats on your new release ‘My Friend Is On Air’! Can you walk us through the creative process? How did you approach the production of the original track, and what story were you aiming to tell through your music?

Sole Dosi: Thank you so much!! It all started one day when I was in my friend’s studio, we started playing with the microphone and clouds using a module for granular synthesis, adding an envelope from the Maths. Voices and sounds that evoked the disturbing and fascinating sounds of space made up the final result. And I immediately thought that was an amazing representation of what music is.

In the end, the Sound is a mechanical wave that travels through air and it’s fascinating how such simple motions can create it! After finishing the original mix, I had a dream about a girl who lost her friends in an undefined space and tries to find them. So, one day I was in my studio with an Argentine singer, to whom I told the idea I had in mind and we started to record our voices with all the elements of my dream: mysterious dialogues, the search for lost friends, enigmatic answers, and a clue that seems to worry the protagonist: “Someone said they left together”. The air is the place where everything is scattered.

EG: The EP features remixes from Thimo Konings and MATVEE. What was it like to hear their interpretations of your work? Did their remixes bring anything unexpected or particularly striking to the table?

Sole Dosi: Well, I really liked the original version, but I felt I wanted to tell a story with those vocals. I was really stuck with that, so I asked Thimo Konings and MATVEE to add them in their own way, with their most authentic style. I already knew they would do a very good job, I consider them my little techno geniuses.

EG: Working with Gem Records must be an exciting chapter in your career. How did you connect with them?

Sole Dosi: From the first moment I started to approach techno music, the tracks by Secret Cinema were always part of all my playlists. One day I took courage to send my music, thinking he would never listen to it. Instead, he did, and to my surprise, he also enjoyed it very much, remixing one of the tracks and asking me to join his agency. I am very grateful to him for this.

“Only by going from the process of suffering to the creation of something authentic, you can get that feeling”

EG: You’ve played in various clubs and festivals worldwide. How does performing your tracks live differ from producing them in the studio?

Sole Dosi: Honestly, playing your music in clubs around the world and seeing people get excited by hearing it for the first time is one of the most beautiful things that has ever happened to me, instead the production process is completely different, much more complicated, long, and not always fulfilling. However, only by going from the process of suffering to the creation of something authentic, you can get that feeling.

EG: Are there any upcoming projects or releases that you can share with us?

Sole Dosi: Yes! It will be released on vinyl one remix I made for the Indian label GRL Records, a track completely different and out of my comfort zone for Ureguay Records, and finally a whole new EP for Diffuse Reality, which I really love. And regarding future projects, from September my label Dropzi Records will host a series of events every month at Tempio del Futuro Perduto in Milan. I’m so excited!

EG: Being a vinyl collector since you were young, what are some of your most cherished records in your collection?

Sole Dosi: That’s a tough one. For sure, the two jazz vinyls to which I am most attached are a special edition ‘Playboys’ from Chet Baker & Art Pepper, and ‘In Person at the Blackhawk, San Francisco’ by Miles Davis. The soundtrack from ‘Clockwork Orange’ is also something I can’t get rid of.

Talking about electronic ones, I would say ‘Alpha Tracks -Ute010’, techno-trance with mind-drilling 303s, ethereal pads and touching melodies, a timeless sound.

EG: You’ve co-founded Dropzi Records and have a residency at Tempio del Futuro Perduto and Rocket Club Milano. How do these environments inspire you as an artist?

Sole Dosi: Yes! Rocket Club is one of the first clubs I played at, and every time I go, it’s like home. I could spend hours telling the funny stories that tie me to this place. Tempio del Futuro Perduto is the reality that has undoubtedly influenced me on a profound artistic level. Over the course of 6 years, it has transformed from an uninterested social center to the first cultural center acknowledged by Italian law and an institution for the techno industry.

They also allowed me to have the residency for Dropzi Records events, which more than being my label, is a community of artists who want to promote a new musical and cultural education characterized by a techno sound ranging from hard groove, to more raw and deep sounds. It is important for us that every artist feels free to express themselves and explore new sounds.

“To me, techno is meditation, culture, and a distinct movement of the mind and spirit”

EG: What’s one memorable travel experience you’ve had while on tour? Anything particularly fun or unexpected?

Sole Dosi: Once I played in El Atico in Argentina and it was an incredible experience, I played from the night until the dawn in the middle of a mountain! I wanted to stay there forever! Then I actually had to catch a flight back, but they cancelled it at the last minute. The next day, I discovered that if I left, I would be hit by an insane tornado.

EG: When you’re not making music, what hobbies or interests keep you busy? Is there anything you’re passionate about besides music?

Sole Dosi: Yes I also work in content creation, I take care of the creativity and music for brands, I love to stay updated on all the other genres besides techno. And I paint, now also on the walls of my house, a lot.

EG: What can you tell us that nobody knows?

Sole Dosi: Even though I played in events/clubs promoting this, I really don’t like the association of techno with chains, latex, and BDSM. I realize that it is a trend appreciated by many, but I just don’t understand it! To me, techno is meditation, culture, and a distinct movement of the mind and spirit. Also, the last time I played at an event like this, I was wearing my most unsexy granny panties.

EG: Thanks for the time and all the best!

Sole Dosi: Thanks for having me!!

Sole Dosi’s ‘My Friend Is On Air’ is now available via Gem Records. Stream and download here.

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