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Solique debuts on LIFEFORMS with the ‘Temporary’ EP

Exploring finding comfort in connections with others amidst chaos and change.

Photo credit: Solique – Official

LIFEFORMS, the recently established record label founded by Tim Engelhardt and Dr. Nicolas Pinto, continues its journey with the announcement of its second release, the ‘Temporary’ EP,  showcasing Solique, an Austrian-Swedish electronic duo, as they make their highly-anticipated debut on the imprint.

Opening with the dynamic title track, ‘Temporary’, immerse listeners in a captivating atmosphere of commanding rhythms and energetic synth sounds. This composition combines powerful beats with intricate psychedelic synth elements. Taking a stylistic shift, the second track, ‘Safe With You’, features a vocal performance by Paul Brenning. With its captivating tribal rhythm and cinematic qualities, this composition blends together an array of synth elements.

Solique shares their insights stating, “In ‘Temporary’, we focus on the ever-changing nature of our surroundings. Each track explores different aspects of this concept, highlighting how change is an integral part of life and music. We are particularly excited about ‘Safe With You’, featuring Paul Brenning, as it represents a special collaboration for us. This track brings a different energy, intertwining our signature sound with Paul’s unique style. It is about finding comfort and stability amidst the chaos of change, emphasizing the warmth and security we find in connections with others, even in a world where everything seems transient.”

Listen to the ‘Temporary’ EP below and grab your copy here.

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