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Solomun At The O2 Academy, London

Solomun at the O2 Academy, London

It is without any doubt when I say that Solomun is one of the top DJs in the world. Alongside his solo works as a producer too, he is also at the helm of one of the most influential labels out there, Diynamic, whose family has grown since its birth, nurturing the talent from the start and leaving us with the likes of HOSH, Stimming, Kollektiv Turmtrasse and Adriatique to name a few. Between his jet setter tour schedule, Solomun headed to London for an extended set and his biggest UK club performance to date at the O2 Academy Brixton which was a night that was destined to be packed full of Diynamic magic. He didn’t disappoint…

It was obvious that the big man had played another set previously that day as he launched in with all guns blazing, delivering the driving techno right from the off. ‘Life Is Full Of Funk’ by Fabrice Lig is a great example of how far he pushed the mind altering vibe that was apparent through such a large part of his set. Each intense build was accompanied by thousands of whistles and cheers that stemmed from a well educated and passionate crowd. As we headed further into the early hours of Sunday, the deep and melodic elements began to arise, triggering the much loved trademark ‘Solly-dance’ moves, each hand locking rather impressively with the epic synth growls that were making their way from the colossal system.

© Photography by Gemma Bell for Here & Now (

Having attended shows at the O2 Academy before I was unsure how the club setting would go down, however the final outcome was astonishing. Simplistic but highly effective light danced across the crowd, with a backdrop of strobes providing the visual stimulation through the tension filled build ups. It was quite a sight to see, with a sea of a couple thousand raving on the ground level, plus a rammed balcony looking down.

He reverted to dropping a classic in the final moments, dropping his take on Whilk & Misky’s ‘Clap Your Hands’ a track that I feel played a huge part in creating the empire that Solomun now has at his finger tips. Through epic breaks and earth shaking drops he took each and everyone in that building on a journey, an art that has been crafted over years and one that continues to impress.

© Photography by Gemma Bell for Here & Now (

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