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Sonarpilot presents The Mirage Project, a series of shorts futuristic films

The pieces are between eight and ten minutes long.

The first installment of The Mirage Project is now available, a series of six short films in which images and music are complicit so the viewer can explore futuristic cities and deserted planets. All the tapes raise questions about the future of the human race and its true place in the cosmos, while a magical electronic soundtrack plays in the background.

The music managers in this project, whose production took 18 months, were the Swiss electronic musician Sonarpilot together with film producer Roger Mäder. ‘We wanted to create something else: an immersive experience with images that are as well designed as the music’, explains Sonarpilot‘s Michael Moppert.

The soundtrack for each The Mirage Project movie will be released simultaneously as a single that will be available through Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp and all major digital music platforms The first video, ‘City In The Sky’, is now available at and the following will be released monthly from July through December.

Watch the first video and listen to the soundtrack below. 

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