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Soul Clap to release their second album (Stream)

Boston duo Soul Clap will be releasing their self-titled album this October 14th on !K7 Records / Crew Love.

Eli Goldstein and Charles Levine AKA Soul Clap have a rare and insightful take on electronic music, their style breaks through the usual limitations that others often find themselves caged within,“We are children of the 80’s and 90’s so funk and hip hop were our early influences, but discovering the rave and being led into house and disco, these genres feel very organic and homegrown to us. We carry these influences in our attitudes and beings”, explains Goldstein.

The spirit of the album was born during their first trip to Tallahassee, Florida to meet George Clinton, resulting in their 2015 single together, ‘In Da Kar’ featuring Sly Stone and featured on Funkadelic’s 2015 album. For their own album Soul Clap returned to the city to record at Clinton’s Studios, collaborating with many fresh young and local talent. Between there, Miami, Red Bull Studios Manhattan, Midnight Magic’s studio and Charlie Levine’s Rad Pad, the album took its shape.

Lead single ‘Shine’ features Nona Hendryx, a founding member of the group Labelle who’s ‘Lady Marmalade’ is a classic and has collaborated with acts such as George Clinton & P-Funk, Talking Heads and Peter Gabriel to name a few.


Soul Clap mark the album with a global tour starting on September 30th in the UK and landing in Norway, Copenhagen, Italy and Amsterdam’s ADE before another five weeks in the United States.


1. The Hourchild Introduces
2. Future 4 Love ft. Nick Monaco & BIlly “Bass” Nelson
3. Synthesizer Girlfriend ft. Ntem & HazMat Talkbox
4. F#@k Sorrow
5. Shine (This Is It) ft. Nona Hendryx
6. Numb ft. Ebony Houston
7. Dirty Leslie ft. Wolf + Lamb
8. Elevation ft. Dayonne Rollins, Ricky Tan & Freeky Neek
9. Timespent ft Phill Celeste
10. B.O.G.
11. Funk Bomb ft. Billy “Bass” Nelson

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