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Soul Quest Records release ‘Coat On’ by KingCrowney and Zoe Kypri

Available now via Bandcamp.

London-based record label Soul Quest is releasing its third single, ‘Coat On,’ a collaboration between DJ/producer/trumpeter KingCrowney and soulful vocalist Zoe Kypri.

‘Coat On’ is a seamless fusion of musical expertise, blending KingCrowney’s production prowess with Kypri’s captivating vocal delivery. The track immerses listeners in a vibrant soundscape of deep rhythms, soulful melodies, and crisply intricate percussion. Kypri’s heartfelt lyrics take center stage, harmonizing perfectly with the instrumental arrangement created by KingCrowney.

The track is available for purchase and pre-order on various digital platforms, including Bandcamp.

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