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Sound Of Berlin will back the German electronic music scene

The platform seeks to generate a structural change in the industry.

A new window for electronic music artists has been opened in the German capital. Conceived as a fusion between a multi-channel platform and a record label, Sound Of Berlin aims to give emerging artists on the city’s scene greater global reach.

‘We want to drive innovation and creation into the scene by advising and supporting emerging artists during those difficult times. Our goal is to lift up the smallest voices on the scene, be it independent labels, independent artists, club owners, independent curators, set and lighting designers, just to name a few. We want to shed light on all aspects of the scene and give everyone a voice’, they explain in their press release.

The name Sound Of Berlin may sound familiar to electronic music lovers, as they released a successful documentary two years ago that featured interviews with some of the city’s most prominent figures on the scene. After important adjustments, the project has been relaunched.

The first release through the Sound Of Berlin label is the ‘Lonely Boy’ EP by Iranian-born producer Namito. This EP is a collection of dark and hypnotic tracks that capture the iconic underground sound of the German capital. The main track has a video clip animated by Rose Bonica and you can see it below.

You can purchase Namito’s ‘Lonely Boy’ here. Learn more about the platform over at

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