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SoundCloud Adjust Legal Premises On Its Premier Accounts

SoundCloud adjust legal premises on its Premier accounts

The streaming service dropped the ‘Don’t Sue’ clause after receiving strong critics.

Recently SoundCloud announced its Premier service, a modality that would allow independent artists to monetize their songs. However, the legal terms revision caused alarm among many users.

With the service arrival, users reported that they were forced to accept “ambiguous” payment dates and unstable percentages. In addition, they had to conform to a binding arbitration clause that requires that disputes with the company be resolved outside of a court of law.

In other words, the artists had to renounce the right to sue the company for any reason, such as non-payment or infringement of copyright. This measure generated discomfort and for this reason they received a lot of criticism on its blog.

In response to the concerns, SoundCloud eliminated the ‘Don’t Sue’ clause, which was included in the previous invitation-only agreement. Now there is a commitment to pay within 45 days after the end of each month.

The company also announced that will be soon partnering with different Dj software companies, such as Native Instruments and Serato.

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