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Soundcloud increases options to financially support artists

Activity on the platform has grown by 50% during confinement, and with these updates they expect it to continue growing.

In coronavirus times the concerts stopped but the music is still alive. Aiming to tackle the global landscape and help artists earn new revenue, SoundCloud revealed that it invested $15 million to provide new options on the platform.

Among the updates are the direct buttons for the followers of the musicians to make contributions through links to Bandcamp, Kickstarter or PayPal from their profile. In addition, they invested $5 million in free “promotional support” through the use of the #GetMorePlays hashtag. Thus, the SoundCloud editorial team will choose five artists per week to promote.

Other of the services that SoundCloud has included is ‘Repost’, a function that distributes music on other platforms such as Apple Music, TikTok and Instagram. In addition, it offers the option to monetize your transmissions.

Learn a little more about SoundCloud alliances and projects here.

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