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Sounds Of Earth Celebrates Its 100th Release

Sounds of Earth celebrates its 100th release

“Capturing the dancefloors essence nowadays”.

Sounds of Earth just reached its 100th reference. For the occasion the Mexico-based output released a special compilation featuring 27 original tracks.

Led by Vazik, the fifth edition of ‘Moving Forward’ series features different artists such as Swann Decamme, Juan Deminicis, Beeswax, Enccore, Telko Yume, Montenegro, ADR Arregoitia, Mild Bang, Graumann and many more.

Jeavi Mental was the chosen artist to design the compilation’s artwork,  that involves ancestral traditional draws with robots and technology.

Some of the names that have released on the label are Matador, Dubspeeka, Rob Hes, D-Formation, SQL and Dhyan Droik.

Sounds of Earth’s ‘Moving Forward’ Vol. 5 is already available. Grab your copy here

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