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Southbound Sounds releases ‘Educator’ as tribute to Mike Huckaby

Available for purchase in vinyl via Deeper Groove Recordings.

Photo credit: Southbound Sounds – Facebook

Cork-based Irish duo, Southbound Sounds, recently released their latest EP entitled ‘Educator’ via Deeper Groove Recordings. This serves as a tribute to the late Mike Huckaby.

The new material consists of three original tracks and a remix by John Daly. The title track, ‘Educator’, skillfully incorporates samples of Huckaby’s voice, taking listeners on a deep house journey. Daly’s remix takes a slower pace, showcasing a captivating bassline, percussion, and additional keys. The track ‘Keep It Movin’ combines tight kick drums with lush synth sounds and warm keys, featuring a sample inspired by deep house music. Closing the EP is the B-side jam, ‘Upstairs’. This track features a synth-y bassline along with floating synths, a revolving violin sample, vocal shots, and an exciting breakdown.

Currently, the EP can only be purchased in vinyl format. Digital and streaming formats will be available at a later date and will include bonus remixes.

Grab your copy of the ‘Educator’ EP on Vinyl 12″ here.

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