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Spotify’s Super Premium details shared

Hi-Fi Audio, track fade cue points, audiobook content, AI-generated playlists, and more.

Photo credit:   Thibault Penin en Unsplash

Details of Spotify’s premium subscription tier, known as Super Premium, have been leaked.

According to information shared on Reddit, this long-rumored hi-fi tier will introduce a range of exclusive features. These features include high-quality 24-bit lossless audio, 30 hours of audiobook content, the ability to generate playlists using AI-powered text prompts, advanced library organization options based on mood, genre, and activity, and the exciting capability to customize playlist order by beats per minute (bpm) and “danceability.”

Additionally, users will have the ability to set cue points for track fades. A “smart order” feature will also automatically arrange tracks based on key and tempo, ensuring the most suitable sequence for an enhanced listening experience.

According to the Reddit post, Spotify Super Premium will be priced at US$19.99 per month. Options will also be available for families and duos, following the structure of the current Premium tier.

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