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Stacey Pullen reignites Blackflag Recordings with ‘M€$O’

This is the first release on the label since 2019.

Photo credit: Stacey Pullen – Official

DJ/producer Stacey Pullen is reviving his Blackflag Recordings label with his new EP, ‘M€$O’, marking the first release since 2019.

The title, ‘M€$O’, is a tribute to ‘Mesopotamia’, an 80’s track from The B-52’s that Pullen has sampled. The title track launches the EP with a mix of engaging rhythms, dynamic percussion, and distorted vocals. The EP also features a simplified ‘Sub Mix’ and a pulsating track called ‘Strutt’. Brazilian artist Jamie Coins, known for his work with Revival New York and Organic Pieces, adds an engaging reinterpretation of the track.

Pullen has been a central figure in Detroit’s electronic music scene since the 90s, making a significant global impact under the mentorship of the Belleville Three. He established Blackflag Recordings in 1998 as a platform for ‘free speech, thought, and sound’, pioneering ‘abstract aesthetics’ in music.

Listen to the ‘M€$O’ EP below and get your copy here.

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