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Stavroz shares seven “Stuck-in-the-Studio” savers

Stavroz is a band that seamlessly blends different instruments and personalities, which is their greatest asset both on stage and in the studio. Originally a DJ duo consisting of IJsbrand De Wilde and Gert Beazar, Stavroz truly flourished into the acoustic, jazz-infused strain of electronica they are renowned for today when Maxim Helincks and Pieter De Meester joined the group in 2014.

Photo Credit: Stavroz – Official

Stavroz has been on a positive trajectory, releasing chart-topping new material, performing at international events like Coachella and Fusion Festival, and even launching their own label, Moodfamily.

This year, their latest release, ‘Kick Up The Dust’ via Stavroz Sounds label, is set to make waves in the music scene once again. The EP showcases a range of fresh ideas, languages, and tonalities, from Brazilian-sung vocals to jazzy duduk, in a warm and stripped-back journey that highlights the vibrant yet harmonious exchange that makes this band so special.

To celebrate the release of ‘Kick Up The Dust,’ Stavroz invites EG into the studio for seven “Stuck-in-the-Studio” savers.

1. Trust your ears over your eyes

Don’t overanalyze your music. If it sounds good to your ears, it’s probably good. Music is an auditory experience, so let your instincts guide you.

2. Embrace limitations

Creativity thrives when you set boundaries. Challenge yourself by using limitations, like playing only one guitar string or selecting just one plugin for your synth sound. Constraints can lead to unique solutions and forces you to take a deep dive into your instrument. Win/win.

3. Curate your sample library

Build a personalized sample library by reusing sounds from your past work. This not only defines your unique style but also makes your music instantly recognizable in the future.

4. Welcome randomness

Experimentation is key. Play around with controls, buttons, and keys without a specific goal. The unexpected character of a sound can spark new ideas for melodies, arrangements, and rhythms.

5. Create a “reset ideas” toolbox

When you hit a creative wall, have a toolbox of reset ideas ready. This can literally be a little box with ideas or prompts written on little papers. Take out a random paper – just like bingo and read what is says. This can sometimes offer a fresh perspective. For instance:

• What would mom want to hear differently?
• Who’s at the door?
• Backwards
• Is it fruity?
• Contagious
• Left or right?
• …

6. Embrace ambient listening

When struggling with a lead or melody, lower the volume of your music or listen to it in a noisy environment. The contrast between your music and silence or ambient noise can inspire you to fill in the gaps and discover new elements in your composition.

7. Find help

If all else fails, place your cat on the keys of your synthesizer and press record.

Stavroz ‘Kick Up The Dust’ is out now via Stavroz Sounds. Download your copy here.
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