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A new era of sound: Stefano Noferini’s minimalist journey

Stefano Noferini is synonymous with top-quality tech house and techno. From tribal rhythms to minimalism and main-room techno, he is known for his refined, curated sound.

Photo credit: Stefano Noferini

Famous for his DJ sets, he headlines major events like Ultra Music Festival and Space Ibiza, performing worldwide. Despite a busy tour schedule, Stefano is a prolific producer with numerous chart-topping tracks on respected labels like Terminal M and Tronic. His label, Deeperfect, is one of Beatport’s top sellers, with over 200 hits and strong support from fans and DJs.

Following the December release of ‘One Love,’ Stefano unveils his first 2024 track, ‘Just Keep Me,’ featuring a remix by Gio Lucca. The track marks a new, more minimal direction for Stefano, showcasing his ability to evolve and experiment with fresh sounds.

With an exciting tour schedule ahead, including dates in Ibiza, Europe, and Latin America, Stefano Noferini shares insights into his creative process, the future of his label, and his thoughts on the ever-changing landscape of live performances and technological advancements in music.

EG: Hi, Stefano! Welcome back to EG. It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. How have you been? Where are you right now?

Stefano Noferini: Hi, it’s a pleasure for me to be back with Electronic Groove. Right now, I’m in Mexico, wrapping up a two-week tour in Mexico and Guatemala.

EG: Congratulations on releasing your latest single, ‘Just Keep Me’! You must be excited to share this one. What has the initial reception been like so far?

Stefano Noferini: Yes, I’m very happy with this release. I’ve been playing it worldwide for over two months, and the feedback has been amazing. I’ve noticed that the audience, especially my followers, have really supported this track, and I’m very proud of it.

EG: So, what’s ‘Just Keep Me’ all about? What can your fans expect to find on this one?

Stefano Noferini: ‘Just Keep Me’ is the essence of this project, which also includes remixes by a new talent I’ve been following for a long time, Gianluca. This project represents a new production direction for me, as I’ve ventured into a more minimal genre. The response from my fans and the general public has been very positive. I’m attracted to these new sounds and wanted to experiment with them, and I must say, it turned out to be great work.

EG: As we know, ‘Just Keep Me’ also features a remix, courtesy of Gio Lucca. Why did you decide to go with Gio Lucca for a remix? What sort of things do you contemplate when thinking about a potential remixer?

Stefano Noferini: Gianluca, in my opinion, is a talented producer from a new generation of producers emerging now. I really liked his style because, after playing various tracks he produced, I was drawn to his fresh and innovative sound. It was a choice driven by my taste and what I wanted for a track like this, and I must say, the work he did was excellent.

“This project represents a new production direction for me, as I’ve ventured into a more minimal genre”

EG: And ‘Just Keep Me’ sees you returning to your acclaimed Deeperfect imprint. How is the label doing at the moment? Is there anything you can anticipate regarding the imprint’s coming months?

Stefano Noferini: I’m always happy when a release comes out on my label, Deeperfect, which is currently experiencing a significant moment of recognition. Moving forward, our direction will remain consistent. We have an incredible series of EPs lined up, always with the Deeperfect style. We don’t focus on the names of the producers but on the quality of the product. As always, the imprint will feature emerging young producers, sometimes with their very first releases, and we continue to prioritize the quality of the product over the name of the producer.

EG: Also, you have just celebrated Deeperfect’s OFFSónar showcase. What was that experience like? Are there plans to return to Barcelona next year?

Stefano Noferini: OFFSónar is always important for Deeperfect events. This year, the location was exceptional, an incredible rooftop in the center of Barcelona where you can admire the whole city. It added something special compared to a usual showcase. The expectations were high, and we sold out in just a few days. We are very happy and will definitely return to the Catalonian capital, not only for OFFSónar but also for other Deeperfect events planned in the city.

EG: By the way, how do you feel about the evolution of live visuals in music shows with all these huge LED screens taking over festivals and big-name sets? Is this taking away from the music, or enhancing the experience?

Stefano Noferini: The evolution of live visuals with big LED screens in DJ shows, which are essentially concerts, is quite interesting. It shifts the focus from the dancefloor to the overall spectacle, incorporating video performances as a form of art that complements the music. This is a necessary step for the industry, especially as it reaches larger audiences and becomes more mainstream. While it does take away some of the essence of the underground clubbing scene, which was more intimate and less compromised by mainstream trends, it’s a part of the future and will continue to be so for some time.

EG: And regarding AI, which seems to be such a hot topic these days… What’s your stance on this? Has any form of AI been used in ‘Just Keep Me’?

Stefano Noferini: First of all, I did not use any form of artificial intelligence to create ‘Just Keep Me’. I believe that AI, like all new technologies, should be used sparingly. It can certainly aid in evolution and will be an important innovation for music. However, I strongly believe in the soul and talent of human beings. Music is art, and while AI can assist, it cannot replace the human soul and talent. I sincerely hope that it will never happen.

“We don’t focus on the names of the producers but on the quality of the product”

EG: Finally, what can we expect from Stefano Noferini in the next months? Where can your fans catch you playing live?

Stefano Noferini: In the coming months, I have more productions and a lot of new music coming out, not only on Deeperfect but also on major labels. My tour schedule is quite busy, especially during the summer, with dates in Ibiza, across Europe, Spain, Italy, and back to Colombia and Bucharest with our Deeperfect residencies. My fans can find me almost everywhere, both in Europe and Latin America.

EG: Thank you so much for your time, Stefano! We wish you all the best for the future. Take care!

Stefano Noferini: Thank you! It’s always a pleasure to talk with you and be part of your magazine. I hope to be with you again very soon. Thanks!

Stefano Noferini’s ‘Just Keep Me’ is now available on Deeperfect. Stream and download here.

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