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Stefano Ranieri shares five tips to optimize creativity in the studio

Photo Credit: Isabella De Luca & Riccardo Livorni

Hailing from Italy, Stefano Ranieri has been producing and releasing music for around 15 years, with a sound very much rooted in – but not confined to – soulful house. Over the years his tracks have been supported by Masters At Work, Anané, Carl Cox, Bob Sinclair, and Nic Fanciulli, while his 2018 hit, ‘Less Talk’, was picked up by Defected for their legendary Miami album that same year.

Landing July 23rd, on Nulu ElectronicAnané’s label – ‘Risonanza’, Stefano’s debut LP, perfectly reflects Ranieri’s history and the legacy he brings to his art. From the rhythmic acid kiss of 1942 to the laid-back Grace Jones-inspired vibe of ‘Saulè’, Stefano explores house music in all its myriad forms across 15 distinct tracks.

Today, in celebration of the release of ‘Risonanza’, Stefano Ranieri shares 5 five tips to optimize creativity in the studio.

1. Choose your DAW carefully

To do this you must try to use more than one for some time before making a decision. Once you have decided, don’t hold back on expanding your knowledge and spend days just experimenting.

2. Build an optimal setup

The choice of software and hardware is essential, you don’t need ‘super equipment’, but concrete on your knowledge of them. Whatever purchases you make, try to do it by looking at the quality. Don’t surround yourself with useless tools just because it’s cool.

3. Feed your spirit and soul with food

The food you nourish yourself with is a serious topic to consider and investigate. I know it might sound trivial, but I guarantee you it is not. Healthy food produces positive thoughts that turn into determination, self-esteem, and inner peace.

4. Listen to lots of music

Music is absolutely one of the arts that accompanies our life, and you cannot shut yourself off from other things if you want to succeed in creating. Build your sound by being open to sounds from others.

5. Don’t listen to advice

Forge your own path, and make mistakes – this is how you learn. If you are born for this job, you will find out for yourself. A thousand things will happen to you in your own way; you will evaluate your potential by yourself; you will meet great people, even if for a short time; you will learn which are the right things and the wrong things. It takes faith and respect without betraying oneself.

Grab here your copy of Stefano Ranieri’s ‘Risonanza’ via Nulu Electronic.

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